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'Hot for Teacher' ... Van Halen song-inspired essay lands student in big trouble



Hot for Teacher inspired a lot of snickering and jeering (and ummm, other emotions) when Van Halen debuted the song and randy video in 1984. But now in 2013, a Detroit college student is in hot water for writing an essay expressing his attraction to teachers.

An AOL video report says the student was suspended for three semesters for his writings in a class journal. (I think of all the education that he'll miss ... but then his homework was never quite like this!)

"Her skirt came unzipped in Comp 2 one day and her polka-dotted panties were exposed. I was a perfect gentleman and discretely told her to pull her sweater over. She smiled and thanked me. It is our delicious little secret," one passage read.

Now before you get all outraged, it's worth noting the student is 57 years old. And the teacher he was "hot" for is in her 40s. Not exactly the scandal-stained news story you were expecting, was it?

The student, Joseph Corlett, now is suing Oakland University, citing the First Amendment.

Speaking of Hot for Teacher, the end of the video forecasts the future careers of the "Van Halen boys" that star in the video along with Waldo (voiced by the late, great Phil Hartman.) Can anyone name the four careers for Eddie, Alex, Michael and Diamond Dave?

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