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How did we miss a band called Hawaiian Pups?



The '80s were notable for female singers turning the tables on male sexism as artists like Madonna sang about her boy toys. As we are prone to do, we dig deep on Lost and Found and find a boy toy gem from the group Hawaiian Pups called Young Boys.

The Hawaiian Pups are neither canines or from Hawaii, as the trio is actually a new wave group from the NYC area. In 1983, they put out their only album (technically called a mini-album) called Split Second Precision with the song Young Boys. A bouncy fun number, Young Boys finds lead singer Tara Shanahan ogling beef cakes while band mates John Terrelle and John Klett build impressive towers of dominoes for fun. The video nails the way dudes operated in the '80s with the flipped up collars and the pocket action of Wrigley's gum in the front pocket and a simple black comb planted in the back pocket.

What happened to the Hawaiian Pups? Who knows, but perhaps we'll know more when we feature another song of theirs in the future.

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