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How did we miss this '80s video? It was 'confidential'



This past week, Facebook feeds are being filled up by back-to-school pictures by parents. A parent sending their child to school elicits a wide variety of emotions ranging from joy, amazement and trepidation. While I'm sure your little angel will behave and make good choices this school year, there is always the impending drama called high school and the temptation of raging hormones. Perhaps inspired by the great time machine mailbag story of Steve Crosby on SIT80's podcast 375, let's frighten our parents with the tell all High School Confidential from the band Rough Trade.

Rough Trade was a Canadian new wave band and in 1981 their song High School Confidential was a hit in their home country making it to No. 12 on the charts. With references made to '50s sex symbols like Mamie Van Doran, High School Confidential paints the portrait of a high school bad girl who toys with all the boys and may be even sleeping with the male teachers and principal - or is it just a vicious rumor?

The video for High School Confidential alternates between footage of teenagers with lust in their eyes and Rough Trade led by their androgynous lead singer Carole Pope. The saucy lyrics and subject matter only spurred the popularity of the song on Canadian radio and has made the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) list of one of the Top 50 Canadian songs of all time. 

Rough Trade would end up with four Canadian Top 40 hits before breaking up in the middle of the '80s.

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