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I can honestly say I've never heard this Def Leppard song or seen its crazy video



A note from Spearsy: Our "Lost and Found" correspondent Kevin Wuench is truly a hardcore fan of the underappreciated tunes and videos from the '80s. But I think he may have topped himself with today's selection. I'm no serious Def Leppard fan, but to my eyes and ears, this is almost Spinal Tap-esque in its obscurity.

The Rock Brigade is back. Def Leppard is out promoting their new self titled album that was released in October. Shall we celebrate Def Leppard's return with a drink of your choice? What about some Me and My Wine?  

I admit that I didn't listen to Def Leppard's classic 1981 album High N Dry until after the '80s. To my surprise, I didn't know that Me and My Wine was not on the original High N Dry release as it was the B side to Bringin' On The Heartbreak that did not chart in 1981. With the monster success of the Pyromania album in 1983, High N Dry was reissued in 1984 and tacked on Me and My Wine at the end. To promote the reissue, Def Leppard filmed videos for both Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Me And My Wine.

 Like many early Def Leppard songs, Me and My Wine is about hard drinking and while the video for Me and My Wine doesn't show any drinking it does show the morning after and the hangover that ensues. The video is goofy fun and one of the last glimpses of drummer Rick Allen with two arms before he lost his limb in an auto accident.  Another clue that this video was made in 1984 is the appearance of Phil Colleen in the video as he joined the band after guitarist Pete Willis was let go after High N Dry for (wait for it) drinking too much.  The other guitarist in the video, Rick Clark, died of an alcohol-related incident in 1991.

In 2016, Def Leppard will invade America again for an arena tour to promote their new album that made it to the Top 10 of the album charts. The first single off the album is Let's Go and you view the futuristic video here.     

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