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I spread the glue all around? That's French pop music in the '80s

Our first two days of French Week, we have stuck to songs in the English language, we today we brave the actual French language. You are in for a treat today as we tackle Sabine Paturel and her smash hit Les Betises and I boldly give you the SIT80's double money-back guarantee that this will be worth the curiosity of a foreign language post.

Allow me to be your interpreter for Les Betises, which translates into Stupid Things. If I could persuade you to watch twice. First just watch the video and listen to the sweet child-like voice of Sabine Paturel and the jubilant expressions on her goody two-shoes face. Then watch again with the reading the loosely translated lyrics below.

(At around 10 seconds) I've eaten all the chocolate. I smoked all the Craven A. I emptied the Rum and Coke. I removed all your paintings. I cut all your curtains. Torn all your photos that you kept hidden in your desk. You shouldn't have let me in. (0:40 chorus) I do stupid things. Stupid things when you are not around. (Verse 2 at 0:55) I completely dismantled the cupboard. I spread the glue all around. Since you were not around I chopped in whole menu into pieces. I completely burned the carpet. I sawed the legs off the bed. Ripped all your clothes and set the wardrobe on fire. You shouldn't have left me. What a beautiful end. (1:25) Chorus (Verse 3 at 1:55) I just turned the garbage upside down. I looted all your beautiful dishes. Wait, it's not quite over. I also spent all your money down to your last penny. Chorus repeats to the end.

With all the charm of Fatal Attraction, Les Betises was a hit in France and was stuck at No. 2 on the charts unable to nudge out of the top spot the song Ouragan by Princess Stephanie of Monaco. However it still was the third biggest single on the 1986 year end French charts. To no surprise, Paturel parlayed her music success into the acting arena and has been a fixture in French television and movies since.

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