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I'd bet my Heart and Soul you've forgotten this whacky Monkees video



I just finished reading the new book The Rhino Records Story, which chronicles co-founder Harold Bronson's story of the birth and growth of one of the most successful independent record companies in the last 35 years. Rhino specialized in reissuing catalogs by forgotten artists while breaking a few untraditional new artists. The book is very detailed and easily provides a full week of forgotten Rhino videos for Lost and Found.

Perhaps Rhino's greatest success was none other than The Monkees and their ‘80s revival. For a short period in the ‘60s, The Monkees were just as popular as The Beatles as four talented musicians were brought together to star in a ground-breaking TV show. When Rhino Records released their back catalog, a revival began that climaxed when MTV jumped on board and started replaying the episodes of the old show. With Arista Records, The Monkees reformed and hit No. 20 in 1986 with That Was Then, This Is Now.

In 1987, The Monkees released a new album with Rhino and the lead single Heart and Soul. The video is loads of fun and the song is pretty good too as Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones and Peter Tork poke fun at themselves trying to make a hip music video (Michael Nesmith refused to take part in the reunion). Heart and Soul was voted as the favorite video of 1987 on the Nickelodeon Channel show Nick Rocks.

However, the video rarely appeared on MTV, mostly when it was voted by viewers on their Top 10 Most-Requested Show. The love affair MTV had with The Monkees soured when The Monkees cancelled their appearance on MTV's 1987 Super Bowl Party leading to hard feelings by the network. Heart and Soul would only make it as far as No. 87 on the singles charts. Adding to the confusion was that The Monkees single was released on the heels of the success of T'Pau's Heart and Soul that had just fallen out of the Top 10.

Monkees fans were saddened in 2012 when Jones died of a heart attack. Jones was so famous in the ‘60s, that another English musician by the name of Davy Jones changed his name to avoid any confusion - you know him better as David Bowie. Even without Jones, The Monkees still are out promoting their music with their 2014 convention being held in New Jersey this March. 

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