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If it doesn't really matter, then why Platinum Blonde?

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Do blondes really have more fun? Well at least in the '80s, they had more hits in Canada as today we show our roots with Platinum Blonde and proclaim it Doesn't Really Matter.

Platinum Blonde had success in the '80s in their Canadian home country scoring five Top 40 hits but they never cracked through in the states despite songs like Doesn't Really Matter. Named after the 1931 Jean Harlow film, Platinum Blonde looked the part with lead singer Mark Holmes and his teased dyed hair and in 1983, Doesn't Really Matter was their first Top 40 hit in Canada.

The video for Doesn't Really Matter was nominated for a Juno in the Best Video category and the video does have its great moments like the projected slide show mages on Holmes' shirts that blends in well with Platinum Blonde's new wave sound.

As the '80s drew to a close, Platinum Blonde got dropped from their label and tried one album under the revised band name The Blondes before eventually breaking up. Like many '80s bands, they have reunited in recent years and continue to perform. Here's a recent concert review of Platinum Blonde by Peter Ryan, our Montreal correspondent.

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