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If you didn't love this Aussie tune in the '80s, you're mental as anything



If you could go back in Spearsy's podcast time machine, would things really be simpler in the '80s? Maybe so since as teens we lacked the burdens and responsibilities of being an adult in 2016. But even in the '80s, one could concede that The World Seems Difficult - or at least in the opinion of Mental As Anything.

Mental As Anything is best remembered in the U.S. for Live It Up that was featured in Crocodile Dundee, but in their home country of Australia they had a mountain of hits, including 1989's The World Seems Difficult that reached No. 19 in 1989.

The video for The World Seems Difficult is pleasing as lead singer, Andrew "Greedy" Smith - who looks more like a financial planner than a lead singer for an Australian rock group - battles a steady rain along with his band mates . Bordering on a ballad, the video for The World Seems Difficult is not taken so serious even though it is a song about loneliness and miscommunication. Mental As Anything has a reputation of having a great sense of humor and they present their video with smiles on their faces.

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