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In some ways, Los Lobos is the perfect Halloween band from the '80s



I must admit that yesterday's song of horror was pretty macabre, so let's dial down the scares and have some fun with Shakin', Shakin' Shakes by Los Lobos.

In 1984, Los Lobos garnered critical acclaim with their album Will The Wolf Survive? and they followed it up in 1987 with the By The Light Of The Moon. The album was another critical success and had a Top 5 Mainstream Rock Charts hit with Shakin', Shakin' Shakes.  The video for Shakin', Shakin' Shakes gets off to a good start with an introduction from my favorite director Alfred Hitchcock. After the intro, the video visits the oft familiar process of clips from classic horror movies, overacting by people off the street and some less than enthused scenes with Los Lobos itself.

After it seemed that By The Light Of The Moon had faded, the summer of 1987 would surprise everyone as the La Bamba movie and soundtrack would be the hit of the summer and cement Los Lobos as one of the top bands of 1987. In September, Los Lobos released their latest album, Gates of Gold, and were just nominated for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

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