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Video: Watch Phil Collins come out of retirement and sing with middle school band

First Steve Perry comes out of retirement. Now Phil Collins! Something's in the air tonight. Here's a video of Collins singing In the Air Tonight and Land of Confusion at Miami Country Day School, the school his two sons attend. (Who knew?)

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The '80s and 'Tron' meet again in a ... Kansas song?!?

In the ‘80s, even a bunch of good-guy rockers like Kansas know that sometimes you got to fight fire with fire.

In 1983, Kansas was at their crossroads as the conflict of whether Kansas was a regular rock band or a Christian rock band was debated among its members. Their release of the album Drastic Measures was the only Kansas album recorded without either original lead singer Steve Walsh or violinist Robby Steinhardt. While Drastic Measures didn't sell as well as previous Kansas albums, the lead single Fight Fire With Fire was a hit on the Mainstream Rock Charts and made it to No. 58 on the pop charts.

The song's profile was boosted with the 35mm video that, along with Beat It, was shown in movie houses with preview trailers in 1983. The lead actor in the video suffering from nightmares is Dan Shor, who appeared in ‘80s films such as Tron and portrayed Billy the Kid in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. While the tone of the video is serious, things lighten up at the end with a little band name joke that everyone should get.   …

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Win a Duran Duran autographed poster from this Duranie blog

Duran Duran fans, this is a contest you can't pass up. The Duran Duran Worldwide blog is giving away an amazing autographed Duran Duran promo poster. All you have to do to enter is "name 10 places where Duranium can be found in high concentrations."

According to their odd but entertaining video, Duranium "can only be found where there are high concentrations of Duran Duran awesomeness." Be creative, have fun and good luck.

BTW, a few places where you can find Duranium in the Spears Lair? My DVD collection (which has Sing Blue Silver and two other Duran Duran concert videos), my T-shirt collection (featuring a vintage Rio-era model), and the Stuck in the '80s podcast, which has featured interviews with both Andy Taylor and Simon Le Bon.

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The NRA can have this Concrete Blonde video back when they pry it from our cold, dead fingers

The issue of gun violence is a topic that has been debated for ages and the ‘80s was no different as chronicled by Concrete Blonde and God Is A Bullet.

Concrete Blonde was a L.A. band led by husky voiced Johnette Napolitano and they released two albums in the ‘80s including Free that featured the modern rock hit God Is A Bullet. The song is about the finality of gun violence and laments the loss of life from ordinary citizens to the famous like John Lennon, MLK and Harvey Milk all set to an aggressive rock beat.

In 1990, Concrete Blonde broke big with their Bloodletting album and even scored a Top 40 hit with Joey. In 2006, Napolitano announced the disbanding of Concrete Blonde and now tours as a solo act.



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This could be the worst trailer for a movie set in the '80s ... ever

God bless Hollywood for setting more movies in our beloved '80s, but this one - Ping Pong Summer - well, see for yourself.

So it's just like the Karate Kid, except with ping pong instead of karate? And I guess it's a comedy? Except that most of you probably didn't laugh once during the trailer.

According to the movie's official listing on IMDB. it's set in the summer of 1985. Good start. And it does have some real stars in here: Susan Saradon, Lea Thompson, Amy Sedaris.

Still, it would be a nice summer flick option ... if it were released this summer. Instead, it's set for a January release. Go figure. Hollywood, you flamed out again.

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Some more Thin Lizzy-style old school with 'Old Town'

Yesterday all hell broke lose when we visited Thin Lizzy in the ‘80s. Today, we find a lost gem from lead singer and bassist Phil Lynott with Old Town.

With Thin Lizzy sales on the decline and a change in musical tastes in Europe, Lynott began his departure from the band and hard rock with songs like Old Town from 1982. Old Town compares nicely to other pop tunes of that era done by New Romantic artists across the pond.

The video captures the charm and good looks of Lynott as he laments a lost love in a song that has great hooks plus piano and horn solos. The video is set by the Ha'penny Bridge in Lynott's hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Lynott's mellower musical stylings never caught on with record buyers as Old Town failed to chart in most countries. Old Town would be covered properly by The Corrs, an popular Irish sister group and was featured on their 1998 MTV Unplugged concert

In 1986, Lynott would die from drug abuse. In 2005, a life-size bronze statue of Lynott was erected in Dublin and continues to be a popular tourist attraction.

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Rick Springfield headlines Epcot Food and Wine Festival concert lineup in 2014

Rick Springfield will headline the 2014 Epcot Food and Wine Festival's Eat to the Beat concert series this fall. He joins other '80s-era acts including The Pointer Sisters, Christopher Cross, Air Supply, Starship, Night Ranger and former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung.

Basically, how it works is each band does a few short concerts each day they perform - usually between 45 minutes to an hour. Some acts might change up the setlist between shows; others don't. In any case, the concerts are free and are held just outside the American pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase. Admission to the park is still required. And you'll want to bring along some serious funds for the food and booze.

Springfield is a great get for Epcot. Rick puts on an amazing show every time, and his set list will be packed with the hits you know and a few you shouldn't have forgotten. Likewise, I highly recommend catching Night Ranger, 38 Special and Dennis DeYoung. I've never had a chance to see Christopher Cross in person, so I think I'll count on being there for him. (You still owe me that interview, Chris!)

Here's the full lineup for 2014, according to the Disney Food Blog. …

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Full, high-quality video of Steve Perry's surprise live performance released

Steve Perry fans, this is the video you've been waiting for. Perry is seen here in an 11-minute-long video (much longer than the original video released), performing with Eels and then performing two Journey songs. Recorded in St. Paul, Minn., over the weekend, this video shows Perry up close and the video and audio quality is greatly improved. Enjoy.

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Forget it, Jake. It's Thin Lizzy's 'Chinatown'

Thin Lizzy in the ‘80s? Yes, the boys were in town for our favorite decade, even if you had to travel to Chinatown to locate them.

Your typical classic radio station today seems to think that Thin Lizzy released only two songs: The Boys Are Back In Town and Jailbreak. If you investigate; the band from Ireland was still busy in the ‘80s as they released studio albums every year for the first three years of the ‘80s.

In 1980, Thin Lizzy released their album Chinatown and promoted it with a video for the underrated title track. The song starts off with some good dual action riffs but things heat up half way through the song when guitarists Scott Gorham and Snowy White unleash a frenzy of guitar solos. The action in the video heats up too as chaos breaks out on the back alleys of Chinatown when the guitar solos start.

Although they haven't released an album since bassist and lead singer Phil Lynott left in 1983, Thin Lizzy still exists and do the occasional tour.

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New video: Steve Perry comes out of retirement, sings Journey tunes with The Eels

Here's a brand-new video of Steve Perry singing Journey songs live with the Eels. According to the video notes, it happened May 25, 2014, in St. Paul, Minnesota.


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Memorial Day TV marathons: From Rocky to Star Trek to every '80s war movie

Seriously, don't bug me this weekend. I'll be parked by the TV, probably on AMC, watching the never-ending stream of war movies, including two of my '80s favorites: The Big Red One and Heartbreak Ridge. But if you're wanting other '80s options, it'll be there. Here are some of the '80s TV marathons on schedule for this weekend:

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Beginning Friday morning on BBC America.

The Rocky movies: Beginning Friday afternoon on CMT.

War Heroes Marathon (including Heartbreak Ridge): Beginning Saturday morning on AMC.

The Vanilla Ice Marathon: Starting Saturday at 4 on DIY.

The Golden Girls: Starting Saturday morning on Hallmark.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Beginning Saturday afternoon on NickToons.

Gilligan's Island: Beginning early Saturday on TV Land.

That Metal Show: Starting Saturday afternoon on VH1.

Heartbridge Ridge, Glory: Starting Sunday morning at 8 on AMC.

Another Rocky marathon: Sunday afternoon to early Monday on Ovation.

The Cosby Show: Starting Sunday afternoon on TV Land.

Hamburger Hill, Casualties of War: Early Monday morning on AMC.

Memorial Day Concert Marathon, featuring Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Kiss, Fleetwood Mac and more. Monday morning on AXS TV.

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Friday lost and found: Missing Person's missing hit of the '80s: 'Give'

The "Boz" has returned. No, I'm not talking about NFL bust Brian Bosworth, but rather Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons who we remember today on Lost and Found with Give.

Just this March, Bozzio released her first album in 26 years entitled Missing In Action and is appearing on the Ultimate ‘80s Tour this summer with artists like Bow Wow Wow. As good of news as this is, many will be satisfied living in the past with the songs from Missing Persons like Give.

While a solid song, Give never reached the cult status of songs like Walking in LA and only peaked at No. 67 on the charts in 1984. The video captures Lady Gaga, I mean Dale Bozzio, looking all spaced out with crazy hair and the band laying down some great grooves. At least Bozzio is not wearing an outfit that could poke your eye out in this video.

Missing Persons broke up in 1986 when Dale and husband Terry divorced. Always one to be noticed, Dale was 1976 Bunny of the Year at the Boston Playboy Club before getting her big break on a Frank Zappa album. By the way, most Playboy Clubs folded in the ‘80s with the Bozzio's Boston locale closing in 1988. 



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Listen to the most un-country 'country' song of the '80s

In today's Lost and Found challenge, I approach the country music haters to listen to Ronnie Milsap's Stanger In My House to determine, "Is this really country?"

As one of the few purveyors of the country pop genre in SIT80's land, I love Stranger In My House, but like another Milsap song (She Loves My Car) that we featured on Lost and Found, it always sounded more pop/rock than country to me. The video features Milsap pounding away at the keyboards in his jammies bathrobe while fearing adultery. Guitarist Bruce Dees makes the video with his searing solo and the video ends with a musical WhoDunIt.

Stranger In My House was written by former NFL All Pro lineman Mike Reid and despite my contentions that it is not a country song, won the Grammy for Best Country Song and reached No. 23 on the pop charts in 1983.  Milsap is still touring and for some reason, it took till this spring to induct him into the Country Music Hall Of Fame.



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Molly Ringwald joins cast of 'Jem and the Holograms' movie

Forget the whole trick about putting on her lipstick just using her breasts. This is Molly Ringwald's ultimate move. Our '80s hero has joined the cast of the live-action Jem and the Holograms movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is directed by Jon M. Chu and follows the Jem and the Holograms cartoon that ran from 1985 to 1988. For those who missed it, the story follows Jerrica Benton, whose alter ego is the mysterious pop star Jem. You can fill in the rest. It was only a cartoon afterall. At least it wasn't ruined by Scrappy Doo.

Filming has already begun on the movie, and there's no word yet on what role Molly might play. It seems Molly has become more and more comfortable with her '80s legacy over the years. She recently starred in The Secret Life and the American Teenager. In 2001, she had a cameo in Not Another Teen Movie. And these days, she's even singing Don't You Forget About Me during her jazz concert tour.

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Does a Tom Hanks movie belong among the best B-movies of all time?

The 100 best B-movies of all time? That's an ambitious project, but Paste Magazine is up to the challenge. And, of course, TONS of '80s flicks made their list. I won't list them all here, but here are the five '80s movies that ranked lowest on their list, along with a quote from Paste. And I think I have a beef about their pick for No. 95. No way a Tom Hanks film is a B-movie! …

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