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Iron Man was a drummer in Tuff Turf? Yep, and here's proof

We don't have many traditions here at Lost and Found but if we do have one it's that as the summer movie season approaches (and it looks like it is here already with this weekend's release of Captain America: Civil War) we roll out a week of movies songs that remain criminally under the radar, so grab your popcorn and settle back for the 4th annual Movie Week starting off with a song from Tuff Turf because it's never too late to appreciate a good '80s movie soundtrack.

Before James Spader caught our attention as the snobbish Steff in Pretty In Pink, his first starring role was in 1985's Tuff Turf. While not a box office hit, the movie is still notable not only for Spader's first theatrical role, but also for perhaps the first time we all laid eyes on the Ironman himself - Robert Downey Jr. In Tuff Turf, Downey Jr. plays a drummer in a band - specifically the Jim Carroll Band.

New York City was the birthplace of The Jim Carroll Band who are better known for the 1980 cult classic All The People Who Died. Carroll's late '70s autobiography, The Basketball Diaries, inspired the 1995 movie of the same name that starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Jim Carroll. The video for It's Too Late looks like an actual clip from Tuff Turf with the Jim Carroll Band rocking out with bare-chested Downey Jr.  on drums humorously trying to score with the ladies while Spader heists a Porsche. Also featured is Kim Richards who is all grown up since the first time we met in the '70s in Escape From Witch Mountain.

 After lamenting all the people that died in his signature song, Carroll passed away at age 60 in 2009.

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