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Is it too late to buy a Lava Lamp?



I had NO IDEA they were still actively making Lava Lamps. Truth be told, I always wanted on when I was in college. But for some reason, after buying bamboo curtains, black lights, obligatory Beatles poster for the wall, my remaining funds couldn’t accommodate such a luxury.

So imagine the rejoicing when I saw a website today for with the catchphrase: “What’s your size of fun?” is selling SIX sizes of lamps, from 12 ounces all the way to 250 ounces. They’re also offering 20 percent off any premium lamp through July 31. (Promo code: SUMMERFUN)

And if I could go back in time, there’s no doubt which lamp I’d pick: The Beatles one!

For those of you out there in '80s Nation with college-aged kids headed back to the dorms soon, do them a favor: Don’t turn them into middle-aged bloggers regretting the past. Buy ‘em a Lava Lamp (and tell them to take a pass on those dreaded bamboo curtains.)

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