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Is this Dwight Tilley video the most underrated video classic from the '80s?



Let’s just go ahead and say it. Dwight Twilley’s Girls is one of finest moments of ‘80s music videos. While popular on the charts and MTV in 1984, the song gets little airplay today.

Besides being a great song with backup vocals by Tom Petty, the video is a homage (or rips off) the school locker room peephole scene from Porky’s. The video also has a fake shaving cream ad, hickeys and dancing football players including my favorite - big # 77, who elicits squeals of joy from an adoring cheerleader.

Back in the day, I heard musings about an uncensored version of Girls that existed, but in 1984, copies of that proved elusive to most teenagers. However, thanks to Youtube, there are postings of the uncensored version that are easily available and provide even greater laughs and eye candy than the SFW version we feature today. (uncensored version)

Girls made it to No. 16 on the charts, tying Twilley’s previous chart best he attained on the 1975 song I’m On Fire. The Tulsa-based guitarist stills records and performs.

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