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Is this the worst ending song to an '80s movie ever?




Wildcats is not a great movie. It's probably not a good '80s movie. It might be one of the worst football movies ever. And yet, does it have its moments? Sure.

Directed by the late Michael Ritchie (who gave us both Bad News Bears AND The Golden Child), Wildcats has a great cast: Goldie Hawn, Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, Bruce McGill, hell ... Nipsey Russell!

But it also has Football Rap, written/performed by LL Cool J, which ends the film. It's ... it's ... it's not good. Every time Goldie pops up the screen to mutter "football," a part of me dies. 

Film critic Roger Ebert also loathed Wildcats, giving it a generous 1 1/2 stars while triggering a rant about how the first half of of the '80s was filled with too many Rocky clones. In lamenting the end of Wildcats, when our heroes manage to beat the heavily favored crosstown rivals, he wrote: "

"I've seen that ending before. Just in the last few weeks, for example, I saw the winning football game at the end of The Best Of Times, and the winning hockey match at the end of Youngblood, and God knows how many winning bicycle races and wrestling matches I saw last year - not to mention Rocky IV, of course."

Thankfully he spares LL Cool J the abuse he so richly deserves for Football Rap. One can only assume Ebert left the theater before the credits rolls, thanking god that he reviewed films - and not pop music.

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