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Is ‘Touch and Go’ Michael Keaton’s most forgotten movie?



Michael Keaton was a god in the ‘80s, right? Mr. Mom. Gung Ho. Night Shift. I mean mostly, right? (Hell, I even liked Clean and Sober.) So imagine my surprise today when I realized Aug. 22 is the 30th anniversary of Touch and Go, a film I had completely forgotten about.

In Touch and Go, Keaton stars as a pro hockey player who is nearly mugged by a gang of teens. María Conchita Alonso plays the mom of one of the tiny thugs. And yeah, of course they fall for each other. So yeah, you can probably see why this flick doesn’t stick out. (Apparently, the movie sat on the shelf a few years before it was finally released to theaters, where it also went mostly ignored.)

Tough and Go has a 34 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And yet, famed film critic Roger Ebert found something there that few others did, writing in his 3 1/2 star review: “What makes this movie so special is the quality of the performances. This is Keaton's best role, because it's his most human role; for once he allows us to see that the glib wisecracks conceal a sensitive inner nature.”

Check out the trailer and you decide: Is Touch and Go work another look?

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