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It's a shame the music careers of the Braun Brothers was ever Deep Sixed



I like the hits like everybody else, which may sound strange with all the deep cuts featured on Lost and Found, but today when we go deep, I really mean we really do deep. It's the band Deep Six and the song you need to hear called Stay Right Here.

Deep Six could be just another indie band from New York City, but a little research shows the guys from Deep Six have not sunk to the bottom but just have moved to other spectrums of the entertainment business. The video for Deep Six features the twin Braun brothers of Josh and Dan and is a pretty interesting visual to match the building guitar tension of Stay Right Here. After a few plays in 1986 on MTV's 120 Minutes with Stay Right Here, Deep Six was dropped from their independent label.  

However, the Braun brothers did not languish in the music industry as they moved to other vocations with Dan (in the blue shirt) becoming an award-winning ad exec and Josh (lead vocals) in succeeding in TV distribution. At the turn of the century they reunited to become movie producers and promoters winning Academy Awards and are champion of independent movies like Winter's Bone that was the catalyst for a unknown actress named Jennifer Lawrence. They also resurrected several classic horror magazines including the publication of Creepy

The term Deep Six is a nautical phrase that defines the necessary depth of water needed for a burial at sea. Over the years, Deep Six has turned into slang for "kill" and morphed into the land term "Six Feet Under."



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