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It's Halloween time, so have a heart ... even an artificial one



There is a clear separation between those who like horror and those who don't. Today's Lost and Found song is only for those who like horror. For those who don't mind a good scare, it's time to view one of the most startling music videos of the '80s with the little known Artificial Heart by Soul Asylum.

In 1989, Soul Asylum released an EP called Clam Dip And Other Delights that included atypical songs from the Minneapolis band including the folk ditty P-9 that was featured on Lost and Found last year. Besides the different sounding songs, unique videos were filmed for many of the songs; however none weirder than the video for Artificial Heart.

With quirky music and more scary campfire reciting than singing, Artificial Heart spins an urban legend about a 17-year old girl with an artificial heart who is abducted and dismembered. Despite the grisly events, her artificial heart keeps beating laying the groundwork for some gruesome Frankenstein-like surgery. Co-directed by lead singer Dave Pirner, the video for Artificial Heart is graphic and not for the faint of heart, but it is also incredibly inventive for a low budget video.

Soul Asylum released their latest album, Change Of Fortune, this past year but Pirner is the only original member left in the band.


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