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John Waite on Facebook: I ain't missing the '80s at all



John Waite was a hit machine back in the '80s with tunes like Change, Missing You and If Anybody Had a Heart. But these days, it seems he's definitely ready to put that all behind him.

"I need to be in a bar band. Just play," Waite wrote on his Facebook page today. "I absolutly f---ing hate all this Classic Rock sh--!! Its just music. Why do all the old farts have to come out of the closet and embarras every one!! Being 80s? Who cares? Write something new !!!"

I'm guessing maybe John had an ugly encounter at a recent gig to prompt the outburst, and that's fair enough. There's nothing more aggravating than over-served fans yelling out song titles to performers who'd rather showcase their newer work. And to his credit, if you look at John's recent setlists, he's still playing the hits.

And if you didn't know, John's never been shy about hiding his contempt -- either real or just a little dramatized -- for days of yesteryear. He has previously slammed his bandmates in Bad English. And when I interviewed him a few years ago for Stuck in the '80s, I asked if he still connected with the '80s.

"No, I don't at all. In fact I distance myself from it entirely," he said. "I really don't align myself with anything. I've had to rise above all that. The Babys -- all their biggest hits happened in the 70s. There's only a couple big hits from the 80s, and then there was Bad English..."

So what are '80s fans left to feel toward John? Hell, I'm just glad he still makes music and tours. If he wants to vent at a couple loudmouths, so be it. Naturally, my love for the '80s won't be diminished by his hatred toward it. He was, after all, a part of it all. And someday, I'm sure he'll find some sort of peace in that.

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