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Kickoff time again: Top 5 football movies of the '80s



Is football back already? Well what took so long!?! We’ve been surviving on a diet of freeze-dried brats and football movies since early February. And let’s face it, in the ‘80s we didn’t have a lot of great pigskin flicks to pick from.

No, the glory days of football films was probably the ‘90s, so you’ll understand if today’s top 5 list doesn’t seem like high draft picks. Hey, at least the music was great in the ‘80s!


(1980) - You have to go back and draft a TV movie to complete this list of (under-)dogs. Robert Urich played the real-life Pittsburgh Steelers halfback who was drafted into the U.S. Army after his rookie season. After being injured in the line of duty, he begins the long road to the starting lineup. (Trailer)

4. WILDCATS (1986): Oh boy, I’d always hoped I could avoid putting Wildcats on the “best” list of anything. Goldie Hawn plays a high school gym teacher whose dream is to coach football. She’ll get her chance, but at an inner-city school whose best claim to fame is having Nipsey Russell as the principal. It’s a clunker of a film, entertaining only by the over-the-top profanity and flagrant disregard for any known rule of football. (Trailer)

3. EVERYBODY’S ALL-AMERICAN (1988): Dennis Quaid’s makeup artist should have won an Oscar for aging him from a college hotshot at LSU to retired Washington Redskin. If Quaid seemed stiff at times, cut him a break: He did get his collarbone broken by New England Patriots cornerback Tim Fox during filming. (Trailer)

2. THE BEST OF TIMES (1986): Now hear me out. This movie might be more about nostalgia than football, but that’s okay. They said the same about baseball and Field of Dreams. The late Robin Williams plays an aging banker haunted by dropping what would have been a game-winning touchdown in high school. If only he could somehow replay the game… (Watch the ending)

1. ALL THE RIGHT MOVES (1983): Probably the single best movie about high school football out there - or at least tied with Friday Night Lights (which by no coincidence was based on a story that happened in the ‘80s). Pre-stardom Tom Cruise plays a stubborn but talented high school defensive back who will do just about anything to get out of steel town that robbed his father and brother of better lives. If only Coach Nickerson (Craig T. Nelson in a pre-“Coach” role) would cut him some slack.

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