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Life moves pretty fast, so take time out to enjoy this '80s homage



Check out this amazing video - "Dave's Brain's Day Off" - created by Stuck in the ‘80s contributor and guest co-host “Dave Dirt.” The video was a project for Dave’s video art class and features music by his old band Rocket Park. 

Here is Dave’s story on how it came about from Mr. Dirt himself: 

“My original idea, albeit a convoluted one, was inspired quite a bit by Terry Gilliam's work on Python - just something basic and rather ludicrous. I wanted to have movie couples appear, then break off and hook up with people from other movies. I just started looking for as many screenshots I could find of different characters from all the movies I loved.  They didn't have to all have full bodies, because I just think that made it funnier.”  

“I put them all into Photoshop and made big character sheets, printed them off and cut them out with an Exacto knife. Many hand cramps were had.”  

“After that, I came up with somewhat of a storyline, actually did the math to figure out how many shots I'd need for each scene, so that I could match up different movements with the music and lyrics, got a green piece of construction paper, and started shooting - about 1800 frames in all!”

“When I got done with the stop-motion part, I knew it just didn't make a whole helluva lot of sense, so that's when I came up with the idea of making it a dream sequence.  I took a couple of quick shots around the house for establishing shots, then got one static shot of me on the couch that I could zoom in and pan in After Effects.”  

As far as the beginning and ending credits are concerned, first, I really hope Paramount has a good sense of humor.”

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