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List of 100 Best Albums of All Time has Prince at No. 2, only one U2 album, and other surprises

Entertainment Weekly has waded into the deep end with a new list of the 100 Best Albums of All Time. Why shold we pay more attention to this list than, say, Rolling Stone's list of best albums of all time?

Because this one is NEW! And like all lists, it's full of oddities.

Stereogum has taken the time to list all 100 albums out quickly. The first thing that jumps out to me: Prince's Purple Rain at No. 2. I'm good with that. Second thing: There's only one U2 album on the list, Achtung Baby at No. 23. No Joshua Tree? No Unforgettable Fire. No way!

Seeing as I'm complaining, here are three more issues:

1. Kanye West in the top 10? Give me a break. I agree with Sharon Osbourne: He's an average talent. I'd have put the Beastie Boys up there though. N.W.A.'s Straight Outta Compton deserves better than No. 93 too.

2. There's no Duran Duran on the list, but Hole and Bjork make it? That's criminal.

3. Ever want to see AC/DC, Madonna and Michael Jackson next to each other? Try the 40s of this list with Back in Black, Madonna and Off the Wall.

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