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Lost and found from Australia: Mondo Rock



Somewhere out in the Caribbean, perhaps our friends on the '80s Cruise are venturing off the boat and visiting the beaches on island excursion trips. Can a trip to the beach be a fountain of youth for our romantic cruisers? For Mondo Rock, a trip to the beach in the '80s was a coming-of-age passage.

Mondo Rock was part of the juggernaut of bands that made Australia the hidden gem of '80s rock. In total Mondo Rock had nine Top 40 hits in their native country during the '80s and their biggest hit was Come Said The Boy that made it to No. 2 in 1983 despite a major radio station ban because of its subject matter of lost virginity. The video for Come Said The Boy is set on the beach as teenagers come of age set to hypnotic bass beats and sexy guitar riffs with a backdrop of dreamy scenes at Maroubra Beach close to Sydney.

The singer of Mondo Rock is Ross Wilson, who appeared in his wife Pat Wilson's video for her fabulous lost hit Bop Girl that we featured in 2013 on Lost and Found (and is notable for Nicole's Kidman's screen debut).  By 1991, Mondo Rock had dissolved as Wilson pursued a solo career and has even appeared on The Wiggles children's television show.


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