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Lost and found: Get 'Reunited' with Greg Kihn



We embrace Greg Kihn because he has a great sense of humor and has no problem reliving the ‘80’s and telling wild stories about his rock n roll life, just as he did on Stuck in the ‘80s podcast # 233 in April, 2011.

In a more recent podcast of Never Not Funny’s Rock Solid, Kihn told the must-hear story from the set of 1984’s video for Reunited. Designed as the follow up to the Jeopardy video, Greg Kihn and his recent bride take a ride in their sports car only to drive straight into a parody of The Wizard of Oz.

Being in the Land of Oz required the casting of “little people” for Munchkins while the parts of Dorthy’s Oz friends went to Kihn’s backing band. Bass player Steve Wright portrayed the Cowardly Lion, whose mask was altered with a straw sewn on the inside so he could snort his cocaine while stuck in costume on the set. Also buzzed was keyboard player Gary Phillips, who halfway through the shooting started berating and taunting the Munchkins causing the little union members to walk out in protest.

Stuck with a one-day shoot, the director scrambled and had friends and co-workers bring in their children to play the parts of Munchkins and finish the video. If you look closely at the first part of the video, all the Munchkins have adult faces and then at the 2:30 mark, freeze the video and you will see the Munchkins have kid’s faces.

Kihn recently ended his 16-year run as successful DJ in San Francisco and still plays music and continues to write horror stories.

- Kevin Wuench, guest blogger

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