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Lost and found: Peter Himmelman's 245 Days



Today's appearance marks the third time we have featured a video by Peter Himmelman on Lost and Found. So why spend so much time on a guy who barely sniffed the charts in the '80s? Because it's another great song and the video for 245 Days has some great animation by Bill Plympton.

While Himmelman has made the Mainstream Rock and Alternative Charts with other songs, 245 Days from 1989 did not chart despite the promotional video animated by Bill Plympton. Plympton's unique animating style is easily recognizable with oversized facial features and his work has graced newspaper and magazines since the '70s. For the MTV generation, Plympton's work was featured on Liquid Television and his PSA for acid rain ran on MTV in 1989.      

While Plympton has gone on to animate music videos for Weird Al Yankovic and Kanye West, his work on 245 Days in 1989 was his first foray into music videos. Himmelman still continues to work in music, art and video and is a family man having raised four children with his wife, Maria, whose adopted father is Bob Dylan.

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