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Netflix adds slew of '80s movies to its streaming collection



Pretty In Pink, Manhunter, Hiding Out, Down & Out In Beverly Hills and From the Hip are just a few of the latest '80s movies to join the Netflix streaming lineup. So if you're holding out on getting that service, you now have fewer excuses.

Sad confession: I've pretty much given up on regular TV and even the premium channels. Brighthouse here in Orlando is just too glitchy, so I have my PlayStation 3 box on 24/7, already set to Netflix. (I don't even both with the DVDs anymore.) And even though I have Pretty in Pink and Hiding Out on DVD, I still would rather watch the streaming versions. (It's a sickness. I'm aware of that.)

Also last weekend, I discovered Freaks and Geeks again. I'm about 90 percent sure I missed this TV series the first time around. (Too old, too preoccupied.) But I'm loving it now. Damn near cried when they played Styx's Come Sail Away at the end of Episode One.

BTW, go to to keep track of more new releases.

So pass the PS3 remote, and some Kleenex. It's time to veg out with Netflix.

(Hat tip to Mark Wilson for the tip.)

[Last modified: Thursday, March 7, 2013 8:32am]


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