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Never Found in the '80s - The Dukes of Stratosphear



I think it is relatively well known around here that one of my all time favorite bands is XTC. I mean, I like them so much that I wish I could profile them more than once in this Never Found in the 80s series. I had covered them back on 7/5/13 as part of my week long tribute to the 1982 concert film Urgh! A Music War!

So, drat! I couldn't write about them again. Or could I?

Yes! I can! (Sort of.) In 1985, XTC adopted new identities for themselves and recorded a mix of 60s psychedelic music as an homage to some of their musical influences. Under the name The Dukes of Stratosphear, they paid tribute to such acts as The Beatles, The Hollies, The Yardbirds, and The Beach Boys to name a few. They produced two excellent releases: 1985's mini album 25 O'Clock and 1987's Psonic Psunspot. Despite the great songs, the Dukes never made the charts.

Today's song is off their 1987 release and it's a rollicking, beer-hall tune called You're A Good Man Albert Brown (Curse You Red Barrel).

As with post 1982 XTC, the Dukes never played live. However, I saw something on the internet that claimed they had appeared on an unaired Saturday Night Live summer prime time replacement show. I could never verify if that actually happened or if it was one of those internet rumors. It would have been intriguing if true.

Jim "Dr. Dim" Fitzsimons

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