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Never Found in the 80s - The Minutemen



Out to California we go to profile today's Never Found in the 80s artist The Minutemen. Formed in San Pedro in 1980, The Minutemen followed the philosophy of "jamming econo" in which they pursued their musical career in as economic a fashion as possible. Their stripped down travel and stripped down stage presence pushed their eclectic and brief songs to a punk rock audience.

Their songs, especially early on, rarely ran much longer than a minute, but that's not why they named themselves The Minutemen. According to Wikipedia, the name was pulled from the American colonial militia and a 60s right-wing radical group of the same name.

Personally, I'm not a massive fan of most of what I've heard from them, but there are a few songs which I think are brilliant. Today's song King Of The Hill is one of them. I really dig that guitar riff. Of course, The Minutemen were just too out of the ordinary to be found on the American Top 40.

Tragically, D Boon, guitarist and lead singer, was killed in a car accident in December 1985. The band ended at that moment. Bass player extraordinaire Mike Watt needed to be convinced to not give up music altogether after the death of his friend. In 1987, Watt along with Minutemen drummer George Hurley and Minutemen fan Ed Crawford formed the critically acclaimed band fIREHOSE.

As your live performance bonus, here is the three piece band playing an acoustic set for Public Access TV in 1985.

- Jim "Dr. Dim" Fitzsimons

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