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Never Found in the 80s: Canada's 54-40



54-40 was big…sort of…in Canada. Taking their name from the slogan coined during the Polk Administration referring to an Oregon Border dispute with Canada, 54-40’s songs tended to reflect their socially liberal ideals. Perhaps that’s why they never gained a foothold on the charts of Reagan’s America.

The band’s greatest success was in Canada in the '90s and their only American charting success came when the terribly bland Hootie & the Blowfish covered I Go Blind. Hootie’s version hit No.13 on the US Adult Top 40 in 1996 and was featured on the Friends soundtrack.

But that’s not the song being featured today. Nope, today’s song is One Day in Your Life from their 1987 release, Show Me. I think it is among 54-40’s best songs. Its great guitar riff and uplifting vocals can’t help but make me feel inspired. For four minutes that is, then I go back to my normal curmudgeonly self.

Formed in 1981, the band is still together and touring in Canada.

- Jim “Dr. Dim” Fitzsimons, guest blogger



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