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Never Found in the '80s: The Replacements



Inspired by fellow SIT80s nation member Kevin Wuench’s Lost and Found series, I am going to be posting musical artists who could be considered Never Found in the '80s. This list is more narrowly focused on artists who never achieved high charting success in the '80s. My criteria for picking these artists are as follows: 1) The artist can have material released outside of the decade, but the songs I feature must be '80s releases. 2) The artist cannot have any song, not necessarily the song I’ll feature, crack the '80s Billboard Top 40 Pop charts. 3) My musical tastes do lean to the alternative side of music and my postings will reflect that. You have been warned.

My first artist is the critic’s darlings from Minneapolis, The Replacements. The Replacements is one band that seemed to do everything in their power to sabotage their success. They might have been uproariously drunk while performing. Audiences never knew if they would get a stellar performance or a drunken mess. They bristled at major label control, which was probably a good thing. They got themselves banned from Saturday Night Live. They hated music videos and didn’t want to make any, but they did change their mind, as we shall see.

They did everything wrong by the industry’s standards, except produce bad music.

This song is off their first major label album Tim and is called Bastards of Young. Yes, the boys gave in and made a video, but they made their way. Note the last line of the song, “Take it! It’s yours!” is the band repeatedly imploring their fans to steal the record.

Officially breaking up in 1991, the three surviving original members (Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Mars) reunited to record two new songs for the compilation CD Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was in 2006. In late 2012, Paul and Tommy worked together to record four cover songs for a limited edition vinyl EP to benefit the ailing Slim Dunlap, who had replaced Bob Stinson, The ‘Mats’ original guitarist, in 1987. Paul and Tommy might possibly record together again, but Slim had a stroke, Bob is dead, and Chris wants no part of it.

- Jim “Dr. Dim” Fitzsimons, guest blogger

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