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Never Found in the '80s: Tones On Tail



Daniel Ash, while performing as the guitarist for the legendary British Gothic rock band Bauhaus (I'll get to them soon!), had been dabbling on a musical side project with art school friend, Glenn Campling, in 1982.   After the break-up of the Gothic godfathers in 1983, Ash and Campling expanded their project by bringing in former Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins. The result was Tones On Tail.

Taking some of Bauhaus' attitude and Gothic sense, Tones On Tail were able to add a more dance club friendly sound.  Just try to keep from tapping your foot while listening to Go!  This tune  (released in 1984) was a club favorite that managed to show up in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and in a TV commercial for the Ford Mercury Mariner in 2008.  Despite being more commercially successful in the States than Bauhaus, Tones On Tail never found their way onto the American Pop Charts. 

This Goth/Dance band from the UK did not last long.  They produced one album, two EPs and released six singles in their brief existence from 1982 to 1984 and they did only one tour through the UK and North America.  In 1984, Ash and Haskins ended Tones On Tail and recruited former Bauhaus bassist, David J, to form the most commercially successful of the Bauhaus spin offs - Love and Rockets.


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