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Never mind Canada's Holy Trinity, this Church ruled Australia in the '80s



I am canvassing today to preach about Church today. Okay, before you slam your door on me in an unguarded moment, let me clarify that today it's just the band The Church. Now, will you let me inside?

Australia's The Church is best remembered for their 1988 Top 40 hit Under The Milky Way and gold album Starfish, but they started hitting the charts in their home country as early as 1981 with their first hit The Unguarded Moment.

Written by Church leader Steve Kilbey and his then wife, Michelle, The Unguarded Moment was a modest hit Down Under but went unnoticed in America. The video for The Unguarded Moment is a no frills performance for The Church. The band is still plucking away (although without mainstay guitarist Marty Piper-Willson) and has released over 20 albums including their latest effort Further/Deeper from 2014.

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