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Nicolas Cage didn't want to do 'Moonstruck' or be romantic with Cher



Nicolas Cage talks about his career and love life in a new interview with the U.K.'s Guardian, but if you're hoping for details about his appearance in Valley Girl or other popular '80s flicks, you might be disappointed. The two movies he does talk about, however, are Moonstruck and Vampire's Kiss.

"I really didn't want to make that," he said of Moonstruck. "I wanted to make Vampire's Kiss, because I was still trying to live my punk rock dreams. I did not want to be in a big splashy romantic comedy with Cher."

Other highlights:

  • He's not offended that Sean Penn called him a performer instead of an actor (the two starred together in 1984's Racing the Moon), though clearly it was meant as an insult: "Well, who knows with him? But that's OK. ... I would rather be a performer than an actor. Acting to me implies lying."
  • On going broke buying castles: ""I had to put the money somewhere, and I was a big believer in real estate, and I got caught up in that bubble that exploded."
  • On his short marriage to Lisa Marie Presley: "That particular relationship was really based on humour. We had a lot of laughs together. So that's what that was. Much was made about it because of her father and whatnot, but we had a simple relationship in my opinion. That was a different time in my life. Many lifetimes ago."

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