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'Nobody Move! ... This is only an '80s song'



Brace yourself for Tony Powers. Tony Powers never made the charts with his spoken-word gritty New York City funk, but he has made his mark as an actor playing Jimmy Two Times in Goodfellas and the cult favorite video of Nobody Move (This is a Heist).

The video straddles the thin line between bizarre, awkward and genius and includes a stand out cast of name actors, many of which were unknown at the time when the video was shot in 1982. Among the actors that were already established are Marcia Strassman (Welcome Back Kotter) as the lady of the night and Peter Riegert (Animal House, Local Hero) as the hot dog eater. Character actors JC Quinn (the bum) and Sharon Ernster (girl in restaurant) both appeared in many popular ‘80s movies. Treat Williams (man in the shower) was just starting to become famous with the release of Prince of the City. The “unknowns” include Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) as “the john” and a very young John Goodman makes a brief appearance as the restaurant man who sticks his rear in Power’s face.

Once you get past the initial bizarreness of the video, the song is actually quite catchy and features sizzling saxophone playing by the legendary George Young. You can experience more Tony Powers at his website.

- Kevin Wuench, guest blogger

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