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One Crazy Summer sequel in the works from Savage Steve Holland



Do you remember One Crazy Summer? While we at ‘80s Nation absolutely adore director Savage Steve Holland, one summer was enough. But appears that One Epic Fall is in the works.

(Kudos, at least, for the clever name.)

Holland, who also gave us Better Off Dead and How I Got Into College, told Fast Company that a “semi-sequel” is in the works. John Cusack and Demi Moore starred in the original 1986 movie about an aspiring teenage cartoonist (Cusack) who decides to spend the summer in Nantucket after failing to gain a basketball scholarship to college. There he meets a girl (Moore) trying to save her grandfather’s house from greedy developers. The movie also featured Curtis Armstrong, Bobcat Goldthwait and Joel Murray.

"I'm doodling with Bobcat Goldthwait on a semi-sequel to One Crazy Summer," he told the magazine last week. "Our lives are just really different but I still love him and we say we gotta do this thing. So we are working on One Epic Fall. Of course, Joel [Murray] is gonna be in it. The question is, how do we make it a sequel when Cusack's not gonna be in it? But we have so many bad, dumb, great jokes we're piecing together to see if we can pull it off. I don't think Demi would be on board, but with Joel, Bobcat and Curtis, you've already got a trifecta of genius there."

No surprise that Holland is counting out Cusack’s participation. The actor has a well-known hatred of the two pictures he did with the director. So be it. The best scenes were always Goldthwait’s and Armstrong’s anyway.

No word on a production schedule yet. This could just be “pie in the sky” stuff for now.

[Last modified: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 3:12pm]


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