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Paisley Underground 101: Chapter One - The Three O'Clock



One of the greatest traits of '80s music was the diverse styles of music created during the decade. Los Angeles was the birth for many new genres from hair metal to Paisley Underground. What is Paisley Underground?  Well let's go to the source and find out straight from The Three O'Clock and their high-flying Jet Fighter.

In 1982, the band Salvation Army was part of a movement that combined melodies with a '60s jangly guitar sound where everybody looked like they were part of an episode from The Monkees  as girls wore short skirts and boys had mop top hairdos. To avoid legal problems, the Salvation Army changed their name to The Three O'Clock and continued to build a fan base along with other like bands such as The Bangles and The Dream Syndicate. It was The Three O'Clock's lead singer Michael Quercio that is credited with coining the phrase Paisley Underground to describe the new genre.

In 1983, The Three O'Clock had a regional hit with Jet Fighter, a good old fashioned peppy pop song. The video for Jet Fighter is pre-Top Gun fun as it follows the boyhood dreams of flying planes from kid toys to video games to dropping bombs. The time on the Three O'Clock would end in the '80s, but they reunited several years ago to give it a go again.

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