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Perfect cure for hot summer day: Kix (the band, not the cereal)



In the '80s, I remember driving around in the summer heat with no A/C cranking up the stereo to hard rock and metal. It's summer 2016, and I'm still driving around the sweltering heat with no A/C, although the stereo is not cranked as loud. No matter what your A/C predicament is, the summer has been pretty sweltering in most parts, so start August off by cooling off with some hard rock this week because Cold Blood is all you need.

Kix released their first album in 1981 when hair metal wasn't even a genre and in 1989 their perseverance paid off when they scored a huge hit with the power ballad Don't Close Your Eyes that reached No. 11 on the Billboard singles chart. Another gem off their 1988 platinum album Blow Your Fuse was Cold Blood that failed to chart.

While hard rock, Cold Blood is a rumpshaker with great riffs. The video is mostly performance built around a sexy siren that pops in and out of the video. Even with the eye candy, lead singer Steve Whiteman stands out by performing the splits in leather pants.

Formed in Maryland, Kix was named after the kid's cereal Kix that had the slogan: "Kid Tested. Mother Approved." On their debut album, Kix kept the cereal joke running with the song Kix Are For Kids, a play on the slogan for another cereal - Trix. While Kix never hit the singles charts again, they still are intact and in 2014 they released their seventh and latest album Rock Your Face Off to positive reviews and earnest sales.

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