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PlayStation 4 can't compete with the star power of this gaming system



PlayStation 4? Please. My PS3 is good for two things only: streaming Netflix and the occasional DVD screening. If I want gaming action, I turn to my newly aquired gem: the Atari 2600.

Oh yes, I really bought it. For $80 on eBay (which included 5 games), if you want the details. I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I even paid someone else on eBay extra for the Journey Escape game. Because I NEED to guide Steve Perry past his adoring groupies so that the band makes it to their scarab on time. I installed it all over the weekend, and it works fine. No WiFi needed. No aggravation.

So blow your money if you want on that PS4. I'm saving up to buy these 10 titles instead.


10. SPACE INVADERS: The very first video game I ever played in the arcade.

9. KABOOM!: You needed the paddles for this one. Still got them.

8. RIVER RAID: Anything by ActiVision was a sure-fire hit.

7. ADVENTURE: The invention of the Easter egg. And yeah, I could find it.

6. ATLANTIS: Before the Bahamas resort but after the Patrick Duffy TV show.

5. E.T.: The "rosebud" of video games.

4. DEMON ATTACK: Surprisingly not about Gene Simmons, this sold 2 million units.

3. MISSILE COMMAND: Easier on Atari than it was at the arcades. I sucked at using the tracking ball.

2. PITFALL: Heroic Harry better watch out for the crocs.

1. PAC-MAN: $7 million, 12 million cartridges. That is all.


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