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'Princess Bride' coming soon as Disney stage production? Inconceivable!



The Princess Bride, the 1987 classic that introduced us to Rodents of Unusual Size, the Six-Fingured Man and a Mutton Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, could soon be returning as a Disney stage production. Disney Theatrical Productions announced this week that it will create a theater version of the film. Will it be a musical? That much wasn't clear. But who wouldn't love to see the Dread Pirate Roberts sing?

The timeframe for the stage production wasn't announced; first Disney has to finish its state adaptation of 1992's Aladdin. In the meantime...


1. The movie's director, Rob Reiner, had to leave the set when Billy Crystal was performing his scenes because he'd laugh so hard it made him sick. Likewise, Mandy Patinkin said his only injury during the entire filming of this movie was a bruised rib due to stifling his laughter in his scenes with Crystal.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger was at one point the favorite to play the gigantic Fezzik. But the price tag for his involvement made it impossible. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was also offered the role at one point before Andre the Giant got the job.

3. Patinkin has said that the role of Inigo Montoya is his personal favorite in his career. (What, no love for Alien Nation?) The actor has said during interviews that his famous lines -- "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die" -- gets quoted to him by strangers several times every day.

4. Among the actors who wanted or auditioned for Princess Buttercup: Whoopi Goldberg, Uma Thurman, Courtney Cox and Meg Ryan.

5. There really was a "Dread Pirate Roberts" who operated in the Caribbean in the early 18th century. His real name: Bartholomew Roberts, also known as Black Bart.


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