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Red Scare meets 'Red Car' in this forgotten classic by The Trees



Even though '80s kids in America didn't face getting drafted into the miliary, the threat was still there and many of us males might still have our Selective Service Card. The mystery of the military is always ripe for song inspiration like Red Car by The Trees.

This is the third appearance on Lost and Found by The Trees, basically a one-man band of Dane Conover from San Diego. From his 1982 album Sleep Convention, Red Car tells the story about a secret 1954 military test about exploding bombs in the desert that "will put this world at ease." The low budget video was filmed in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (California's largest state park).

While secret military tests always fascinate, some were less than thrilled to sign up for Selective Service during the Cold War of the '80s. In 1980, the draft registration was brought back in to prepare for a possible war against the USSR requiring all 18-year males to venture down to the post office to register in case the military draft needed to be reinstated. During the '80s, it was estimated that about 7 % of the 9 million males did not register. While thousands were prosecuted during the Vietnam War for refusing to report to the draft, about only 20 individuals in the '80s were prosecuted for not signing up for the Selective Service. In 1988, the U.S. government suspended the draft registration.

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