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Reheated in the '80s, Meat Loaf still was a tasty treat



Meat Loaf is back in 2016. Last week, Meat Loaf released his new album, but buy it only if you really want to as Meat Loaf's better days may have been in the '80s with songs like If You Really Want To.

If you want to feel sad, listen to some of the new Meat Loaf album Braver Than We Are. The powerhouse voice that we remember so fondly is barely recognizable and shot, so today let's remember the fun times like the interesting video for his forgotten song If You Really Want To.

After the runaway success of Bat Of Out Hell in 1978, Meat Loaf's 1981 album Dead Ringer suffered the sophomore slump. Due to a contract problem, none of Meat Loaf's songs on 1983's Midnight At The Lost and Found were penned by his personal songwriter Jim Steinman. None of the singles charted off that album including If You Really Want To - but that doesn't mean the video wasn't entertaining.

Meat Loaf had already landed several acting credits - most notably in the role of Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show before throwing himself into concept videos in the MTV age. If You Really Want To has a plot twist halfway through the video that you might guess if you recognize the lovely female star of the If You Really Want To video - Caroline Munro. Munro is a veteran of the Hammer Studios horror films like Dracula A.D. 1972 and she also was a Bond femme fetale in The Spy Who Love Me. While that is impressive, us MTV kids will always remember her as the sexy bespectacled reporter in Adam Ant's video for Goody Two Shoes.

Meat Loaf had acting success in the '90s landing roles on such big hits as Wayne's World, Black Dog and Fight Club.

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