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Remember that OTHER song from soundtrack of 'Against All Odds?'



In the ‘80s Soundtrack Madness competition, Phil Collins Against All Odds from drew a tough first round draw against Berlin's Take My Breath Away and lost, but would you be curious to know about other great songs from Against All Odds like Kid Creole & the Coconuts Male Curiosity?   

Not only a box office hit, Against All Odds, featuring Jeff Bridges and Rachel Ward, was nominated for Best Soundtrack of 1984 and peaked at No. 12 on the album chart. Kid Creole & the Coconuts stood out in ‘80s landscape with their Latin sound and energetic live shows and videos which featured Kid Creole (born August Darnell and raised in the Bronx) in his Zoot Suit.  Kid Creole & the Coconuts appear in the film performing Male Curiosity but their appearance did not lead to the song being released as a single.

The video for Male Curiosity always freaked me out back in 1984 as the sight of unshaven armpits by the Coconuts was shocking and made me a little queasy.  When Kid Creole gets fresh with one of the Coconuts in the video, don't worry about on-the-job harassment as his male curiosity is directed to his then-Coconut wife Adriana Kaegi.   

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