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Remember when nuclear war was knocking on our back door? Deep Purple does

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What was it about the '80s that made us fantasize about a post-apocalyptic world? From the Mad Max movies to songs like Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) there was plenty of imagery showing how the Earth would look after a nuclear war including the video for Deep Purple's Knocking At Your Back Door.

Let's be upfront. The video for Knocking At Your Backdoor never won any MTV Vanguard Awards as the action mainly consists of a few motorcycle jumps and a murky plot revolving around archeologists uncovering rock instruments 50 years about the big one drops. Despite the video, Knocking At Your Backdoor is an excellent rock anthem that was a big hit on AOR stations and was the only Deep Purple single to hit the Top 100 in the U.S. when it peaked at No. 64 in 1985.

While I listened to Knocking At Your Back Door dozens of times on the radio back in the '80s, it wasn't until a few years ago when I dusted off the track that I began to pay attention to the lyrics and question what was really being spoken. According to lead singer Ian Gillian, the song lyrics were intentionally worded in a way so that common words sounded dirty when strung together (such as singing the word 'her pantry" that sounds like " her panties") in an effort to see if it would get censored on the radio. Apparently the joke went over the head of the program director at my local AOR station in the '80s as it was in hot rotation during its release. While not the most cerebral of lyrics, Knocking At Your Back Door is more about the riffs as Deep Purple is the master of the power chord and Ritchie Blackburn's opening to Smoke On The Water is still the gold standard of all rock riffs.

Deep Purple is still going, albeit without Blackmore as Steve Morse is now on guitar and he, Gilliam and the rest of the Deep Purple gang will release a new album Infinite in the spring of 2017 with the promo track Time For Bedlam already been released on Youtube and Spotify.


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