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Review: The future (and past and present) lives on in 'Back to the Future: The Game'



With all the Back to the Future and Oct. 21, 2015, hoopla this week, '80s fans might have missed out on a rebooted videogame that's right up our alley. But John Hays, our Dallas correspondent for Stuck in the '80s, thankfully was ready for Telltake Games' new Back to the Future: The Game. Here's his review.

Earlier this month, Telltale Games rereleased Back to the Future: The Game to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. If you've played it before, it's worth another look because Thomas Wilson, Biff from the films, has come in and recorded all the Biff parts originally recorded by Kid Beyond.

If you haven't played it yet, it's highly entertaining and a great continuation of the Back to the Future storyline, helped in great part by Bob Gale, one of the writers of the films, in a consulting role. Christopher Lloyd contributes as Doc, and A.J. Locascio does an astonishingly good job as Marty. You'd never know it's not Michael J. Fox, who pops in for the final episode as one of Marty's ancestors.

The story itself picks up 6 months after Back to the Future 3. Doc's been gone this whole time, so the city puts his belongings up for sale.  When the Delorean suddenly appears out of nowhere, Marty figures out that Doc is trapped in the 1930s and is going to be killed by Biff's father Kid Tannen, a mobster, so he goes back in time to save him. The story moves from the '30s to an altered future where Edna Strickland has married Doc and is using him to rule Hill Valley with an iron fist.  

The game is decision based, much like the popular late '80s/early '90s computer games. While this can be tedious, the story is so engaging that it still feels like it pulls you right along. The cartoon graphics are fun and give you the feeling of being in the movies. With five episodes, there's plenty to do and it should take up several days of your time.

Overall I would say this is well worth the investment and a really fun way to continue to enjoy the Back to the Future franchise.  There are rumors of a season 2 for the game, so keep an eye out!


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