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See reunion photo of cast from 'Mystic Pizza'



So the cast of Mystic Pizza reunited on Good Morning America this week. Surprisingly the world didn't stop rotating or anything. When I think of classic movie reunions from the '80s, I think Goonies, E.T., St. Elmo's Fire, Breakfast Club and basically any other movie that didn't star Julia Roberts.

Not to blast Julia, but she was a creature of the reviled '90s, not our beloved '80s. Can you name three more '80s appearances she makes? (Spoiler: Steel Magnolias, Satisfaction and Blood Red are her only other movie credits.)

Anyway, back to Mystic Pizza, not the best movie nor worst movie about pizza in the '80s. (The best? Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, followed by 1989's Loverboy with Patrick Dempsey. The worst? Pizza the Hutt in Spaceballs.) In case you're wondering, Mystic Pizza gets a 78% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Anyway, follow this link to to see the video of the reunion.


5. "Kat, such a good girl. Where did we go wrong with her sister Daisy?"

4. "What? Think I got eyes in my butt?"

3. "Yeah, well, don't worry about me. I'm gonna slingin' pizza for the rest of my life."

2. "I'm tellin you I LOVE YOU, and all you love is my *d---*! Do you know how that makes me feel?"

1. "What the hell do you think Leona really puts in that pizza?"

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