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So sad, but these '80s movie dads are just bad



You think it's easy to find "Great Dad Movies of the '80s?" Well, it's not. 

Jack Walsh in Pretty in Pink? Jobless and obsessed with his ex-wife. Rev. Shaw Moore in Footloose? Anti-dancing! James Court in Say Anything? "He's incarcerated, Lloyd!" Jim Baker in Sixteen Candles? Forgot his daughter's 16th birthday! Ah, but we love them all anyway. Even a bad dad, you might try to argue, is better than no dad.

Or not...

Here are five dads from the '80s who might just be truly evil. Oh, and Happy Father's Day ... or not...

1. BRAD SR. in AT CLOSE RANGE (1986): Well, casting Christopher Walken as the dad might have been the dead giveaway. (It would take Walken decades before he'd play the "good dad" in flicks like Catch Me If You Can, Wedding Crashers and Blast From The Past). In At Close Range, Walken is an ex-con who pushes his life of crime onto his sons. Based on a true story, this is a flick you do NOT want to share with the family on Sunday.

2. JACK TORRANCE in THE SHINING (1980): Probably best not to offer to trim the hedges today for dear old dad if you just watched this movie. 

3. DARTH VADER in THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980): Saving your son from The Emperor a few years from now doesn't make up for the fact you chopped off his hand today. 

4. PETER MITCHELL, MICHAEL KELLAM, JACK HOLDEN in THREE MEN & A BABY (1987): Better known as Tom Selleck, Steven Guttenberg and Ted Danson. (Seriously, does ANYONE remember their character's names?) The sins of the "fathers" in this movie are too numerous to recount. (Though mistaking a baby as a bundle of heroin comes close to topping the list.)

5. MR. GOODSON in RISKY BUSINESS (1983): Come on, Mr. Goodson ... if that is your real name. You won't even let Joel use your stereo? 'My house, my rules," you say. Actor Nicholas Pryor was often typecast as a doctor in the '80s. (He has NINE credits for playing a doctor in our decade.) But give him credit for playing two of the biggest jerk dads too. One for Risky Business and one for playing the dad to Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero. 





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