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The '80s stay with us thanks to bands like Blue Nile



If you ever peruse lists of top albums of the '80s, don't be surprised if you see the band Blue Nile on those lists. If you never had heard of one of their songs, stay a few more minutes on the blog and check out the Blue Nile with Stay.

Hailing from Scotland, the Blue Nile was led by Paul Buchanan and in 1984 they released their debut album A Walk Across The Rooftops with the lead single Stay. While the album has made such lists as 1,000 albums you have to hear before you die and countless others, the single Stay only made a dent on the U.K. charts peaking at No. 97. The video for Stay is smooth synth rock with Paul Buchanan showing off his excellent penmanship among flying papers and a nice arty presentation.

The lack of chart success was just fine with the Blue Nile as they gathered a reputation for not promoting their records and being in no hurry to release new material as it took them 20 years to release the four albums they generated. Buchanan's avoidance of fame nearly failed as in 1991 the Blue Nile had a Top 10 Modern Rock hit with The Downtown Lights and he started several year romantic relationship with actress Rosanna Arquette. These days he lives in comfortable anonymity recognized by only hardcore fans and music insiders.  

Buchanan finally went solo in 2012 and released the critically acclaimed Mid Air.

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