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The boy who cried Peter Wolf was onto something



Peter Wolf was a ball of energy during the '80s and what better proof of that than the video for Come As You Are.

The J. Geils band was at their peak in the early '80s when Peter Wolf left to go solo. His departure was a success as Wolf had a total of four Top hits in the '80s as a solo artist with Lights Out charting the highest in 1984. In 1986, Wolf came back with another winner with Come As You Are that reached No. 15 in 1987 with its hoptastic video.

Now while I quite enjoyed the Come As You Are video back when I was a young man, I never knew the inspiration for the video. The video is a recreation of a 1953 movie scene from Small Town Girl starring Farley Granger. In the movie there is a magical scene where actor Bobby Van hopped his way to the song Going To Broadway. With the video hyperlinked, I think you'll really enjoy comparing the video to the movie and notice all the similarities although I think Wolf did his dance in three takes (a guess) where Van did his (presumably) in one take. As a nod, at the 1:45 mark of the Come As You Are video, there is a movie poster Wolf passes by of Small Town Girl.

To prove Wolf just can't stand still, his latest album A Cure For Loneliness is set to be released next month on April 8th.

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