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The catchiest tune by The Tubes might be one you've never heard

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With the intense competition in rock music during the '80s, it was definitely a "what have you done for me lately" world for bands like The Tubes. After having the biggest of their career, why did The Tubes stall on the charts? To figure out this puzzle, we'll have to go Piece by Piece.

After steadily building their fan base with outrageous stage shows and progressive music videos, The Tubes finally landed in the Top 10 with She's A Beauty in 1983. But it 1985, The Tubes found themselves caught up in a mess with Capitol Records and were released as part of Capitol's restructuring just after their new album Love Bomb was released, leaving them to fend for themselves to promote and tour. Without promotion, the lead single Piece By Piece had an uphill battle against the big singles artists like Madonna, Prince and Wham that ruled 1985. Piece by Piece only made it to No. 87 on the charts and the Love Bomb album was their slowest seller in eight years.

Still, Piece By Piece is a fine pop rock track produced by Todd Rundgren and the video is a multimedia assault to the senses as it features everything from rotoscoping to animation to pictures of food? Piece By Piece would be the last single to chart for the San Francisco-based band, who still play an occasional gig together

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