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The solo hit song by Daryl Hall from the '80s that we never hear anymore



This week on Lost and Found, we'll cover some of the biggest names in music with songs that don't get played on the radio anymore.

The songs of Hall & Oates continue to remain popular today, however the solo work of Daryl Hall has ended up lost in the maze of radio stations. In 1986, Hall scored big with the No. 5 hit Dreamtime off his Three Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine album.

Dreamtime has a psychedelic Alice in Wonderland vibe and around the 3:00 minute mark the video features Daryl in the middle of the lawn maze of England's Hever Castle. According to an old NY Post article, Hall was lowered by helicopter into the middle of the maze for the video shoot and before filming could wrap up, the rain started to fall. Hall was unable to exit the complicated maze and got drenched. 

The history of Hever Castle is quite interesting as it was first built around 1200 and was the birthplace of Anne Boleyn, future wife of Henry VIII. In the 1890's, American attorney William Waldorf Astor became the richest man in America (mostly through inheritance) and after suffering humiliating defeats for public office decided to move to England and the Hever Castle. In 1903, he built the Yew Maze that befuddled Daryl Hall in 1986.

Hall continues his solo activities by hosting the syndicated show "Live From Daryl's House" and the Waldorf legacy lives on with the Hever Castle and the famous Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.


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