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The story of the Jackson Family, NFL and the disastrous Victory tour



Could a member of the musical royalty Jackson family that contains Michael, Jermaine and Janet have a lost song? All I have to say is Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming.

Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming is one of those great pop/dance songs that never gets played on radio anymore and we can blame it all on the suits. Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming is officially listed as a Jermaine Jackson song with co-singing credits to brother Michael Jackson.  Because Arista (Jermaine's label) and Epic (Michael's label) couldn't get together and hammer out a deal, Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming was not released as a single nor was a video made. Still, the song was so good it was played on most pop radio stations in 1984. Since Billboard ranked their charts solely on sales at the time, the record did not show up on the pop singles chart, but air play data showed it would have been equivalent to a Top 10 hit. In 1989, Robert Palmer remade the song and took it to No. 60 on the singles chart.

Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming was featured as a staple of The Jackson's 1984 Victory Tour and today's video is performance footage from  an October date in Toronto. Despite turmoil among the brothers during the tour, the brothers sound tight and how we forget how electric Michael Jackson was when he pops up on stage to sing and dance around the 90 second mark.

While the Victory Tour set box office records in 1984, the legacy of the tour is one of personal and financial ruin. By the end of the tour, the brothers were not on speaking terms off stage and while The Jacksons made millions, the Boston-based Sullivan family who promoted and organized the Victory Tour, lost tens of millions of dollars due to the huge expense of transporting the stage and equipment. The losses forced the Sullivan family to sell their NFL football team, the New England Patriots, to Victor Kiam (Remington Razors). Kiam only owned the Pats for several  years until his financial woes forced him to sell the Patriots and eventually Bob Kraft stepped in to buy the team and prevented them from moving to Saint Louis, who eventually landed the Rams in 1995, leaving the Patriots in New England where they have only won four Super Bowls this century and are odds on favorites to win this season.   


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